Restic rest-server on Synology DSM7

First decide a directory on your Synology NAS where to store the Restic repository. I’ve chosen /volume1/restserver.

Download rest server for linux armv7l from the rest-server releases page and decompress it to the designated dir above. Something like:

wget -q -O - | tar -C /volume1/restserver --strip-components=1 -xzf -

Create an authentication file on your local computer and copy it to the Synology in /volume1/restserver. To generate a password:

htpasswd -B -c .htpasswd your-http-username

Create systemd unit file /usr/local/lib/systemd/system/rest-server.service with this content:

Description=Start REST server

ExecStart=/volume1/restserver/rest-server --path /volume1/restserver/ --listen :8765


Then run

systemctl enable rest-server
systemctl start rest-server

To check if it’s running:

journalctl -fu rest-server

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